WOOD (Custom Made Section)

The primary objective of the Custom Made Section is to produce unique products that satisfy every whim of the customer.  The Custom Made Section has a team of experience designers who have complete knowledge in every aspect of design – from the traditional to the modern.  Providing a touch of Arabic Heritage is a specialty of the Custom Made Section.

The custom made production line is boosted by the latest equipment and skilled craftsman, who can convert the final design requested by the customer into a functional product with an attractive finish.

Doors, Kitchen & Woodworks Division

Manufactures doors for interiors as well as exteriors for both projects and individual customers needs.  Our factory is fully equipped to manufacture up to 50 doors per shift.  The different types of doors manufactured by Bidha’a al Arabiya are Hollow Core, Semi- Hollow Core, Solid Core, Panel, Infill, Engraved, Decorated  Doors.

This Division manufactures complete kitchen units for project and individuals contracts.  Our experience Designers and Engineers will create kitchen designs to suit individual customers needs.  The personal service employs our full range of design concepts and planning which includes the added value of ‘finishing touches’.